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Save For Later. (a poem)

Jenica HalulaComment

I had a special seed

of something that I really wanted to keep

I was advised that

Seeds are best saved

When buried in the ground.

They don’t save for long on a shelf

just sitting around.


That seemed unclean

and a bit mean

But I took the advice

and buried the seed

Now I have nothing in my hands

to show for it

I tried digging around to make sure

my seeds were safe

but they were not

They seemed busy


and cracking open

and bringing forth new life

and can do nothing but wait

I water 

and I point the sun where to shine

as if it looks at fingers

like mine


And I just wait with nothing

in my empty hands

Until the plant bears fruit

and I’ll have dozens or hundreds of seeds

To save

by using

to keep

by losing


- March 26, 2013 

By Jenica Halula


I discovered this poem recently when I was trying to find a different poem on my computer. I never found the other one, but since today is the very day (three years ago) this poem was penned, and since it relates to Easter (as I know it) so well, I thought the most appropriate thing to do would be copy, paste and post.