They Grow On Trees

Baby Limes

Jenica HalulaComment

I'm starting a garden and the sun is trying to kill the fragile greenlings already. At least we have the lime tree. It will produce fruit. The blossoms appeared after Christmas, and now there are the tinniest little baby limes on the tree. I look at them every day, licking my lips, anticipating the fresh limeade. I wonder at when they coined the phrase, "Money doesn't grow on trees."  They might not have considered how long it takes something to grow on a tree.  Contrasting the production rate of this tree to me,  I think it'd be better to say, "Don't throw that lime away, son. Limes aren't made at work." I think baby limes take about as long as baby humans to be full term, and how many seasons did it take the tiny seed to grow into this producing giant?  This makes me also wonder at my impatience at becoming patient. I expect things to download into my brain, not to grow. But things like patience, kindness, self-control, they grow on trees.