They Grow On Trees

The Selection Process

Jenica HalulaComment

I was inspecting the progress of the baby limes on Sunday afternoon and I noticed that there were not as many as before. Were the ants carrying off enormous limes to their colony? "Get them while we still can, boys!"

It seemed odd that there was 1-3 limes left at the end of each branch. Did the gardeners do this? (Yes, if you're not from LA: we have a gardener.  This demands its own post. If you are from LA: yes, this demands its own post.)

I knelt down. Tiny limes littered the ground. I felt a wave of panic.  No, no! Put them back! Who did this?! 

Google seems to think its likely that the gardner did this. If you thin out the limes they'll grow bigger. I had wondered how the branch would support so many limes, when I first saw babies appear. 

I am still unsettled though. It feels so final. So unfair. What if they picked the wrong ones? Are bigger limes better?